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See the Idle Hands KnitWorks Philosophy, Policy, & Services information below:

Thin Yarns


Hand knitted items represent slow fashion; it should fit you, specifically, and be timeless. Hand knit items can be heirlooms, and as such, IHKW strives to offer patterns for size-inclusive, timeless pieces that last. With that in mind, please respect that hand-knits (either mine or those from others) require time to craft. I will quote the time it took to make an item I have for sale in an effort to be transparent about where the price derives.

Colorful Knitted Print


  1. If purchasing a pattern on this website, you agree to respect my copyright - all rights reserved.

  2. My patterns are intended for personal use, and item knits from the pattern may be sold, so long as you acknowledge the pattern's name and me as its designer. What you may not do is reproduce this pattern (in part or whole) for sale or distribution.

  3. No refunds will be issued for purchased patterns. Contact me with questions or pattern support.

Knitted Scarves


  • Knit pattern designs

  • Knitted and crocheted items, sold as samples

  • Tech editing service for knit patterns

  • Full custom/commissioned knit design service

About Me

Hi! My name is Danyel Tacker.

I am the designer and maker behind Idle Hands endeavor that keeps me anything BUT idle. I'm based out of Morgantown, West Virginia, and started knitting in 2011. Since then I've been "tinkering" - learning new techniques, becoming a test knitter and then a tech editor, and most recently venturing into design (self-published and featured in Nomadic Knits, issue 12).

My goals in design are to make versatile patterns that have classical lines but feature 1 or 2 special stitches or panels, and are relatively size-inclusive.

Connect with me for commission work, custom designs, tech editing for knit patterns, and even test knitting!

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