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This item is a downloadable PDF of the knitting pattern.


SIZING: One size, customizable


Knit flat in a cozy, worsted or aran weight yarn, the Flexi-Cuddle Keyhole Scarf can be worn
multiple ways: regular scarf; single-wrap using the keyhole; or double-wrap using the keyhole. It
makes a great gift, uses only about 100 grams of yarn, and knits up FAST. [The sample was
completed in about 12 hours.]

Edging is a 3-stitch i-cord, which finishes the scarf as you work. A center cable motif winds up
the length of the scarf; one segment of the cable is split, creating the keyhole through which the
other end can be fed for securing the scarf without pins or cuffs. If you don’t prefer the keyhole,
the entire scarf can be knitted flat with no opening! Between the i-cord edging and central motif
is a short set of simple stacked lace repeats, which is very easy to memorize.

Flexi-Cuddle Keyhole Scarf - Pattern

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