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This item is a downloadable PDF of the knitting pattern.




*Blocked Measurements – in testing, we noticed that the amount of stretch along the backbone had everything to do with the yarn and tension used. One tester used mohair as the MC and it gave significantly less stretch than what other testers got with sock yarn. It may be best to use mohair only as the CC.
● V1 (beige & pink) - 60 in (152 cm) wide/wingspan; 65 in (165 cm) tall in the central column
● V2 (brown & lavender) - 84 in (213 cm) wide/wingspan; 72 in (180 cm) tall in the central column


CONSTRUCTION: Interjected is a "mermaid tail" shaped shawl, that is knit sideways (along the wingspan instead of down, from it) in lace to fingering weight yarns. The Main Color composes the spine and lace segments, and then the Contrast Color(s) are the garter stitch and short row "interjections".


As shown in the samples below, the shawls are draped around the model, sideways.

Interjected Shawl - Pattern

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